国庆节中英文祝福语127句。 永远!祝国庆快乐!以下是小编收集整理的国庆节中英文祝福语127句范文(精选三篇),仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大

第1篇: 国庆节中英文祝福语127句

85、girls like flowers, and more broad-minded inclusion, in order to open up

86、just off the beautiful Chang E, ushered in the birthday of the motherland.

87、May your happiness index remain high! Happy National Day! 愿你幸福指数居高不下!国庆快乐!

88、The National Day is coming. I wish you a happy holiday! 国庆已到,祝福送上,愿开心快乐过长假!

89、love my country deeply.

90、the beauty of Autumn brought to the United States, the United States engaging.

91、National Day, national day wonderful, National Day blessing, may you smile. 国庆到,国庆妙,国庆祝福愿你笑。

92、States have a home, you can have a home, you have me, I wish my dear

93、万紫千红迎国庆,片片红叶舞秋风。举国上下齐欢畅,和国盛万事兴。愿这盛大的节日带给你永远的幸运!Full Ying Guo, e true and happiness!

94、National Day the moon circle, every family reunion, happiness, good affinity, happy friends, se true and happiness!

95、wish our great motherland prosperity and good luck and good health. 祝愿我们伟大的祖国永远繁荣昌盛,也愿好运、健康伴你一生!

96、Love is the yearning of heart, the resonance of feeling, the collision of inspiration, the sparkle of electric light, the sweet nectar and the intoxicating pure wine. Happy National Day! 情是心中的向往,是感觉的共鸣,是灵感的碰撞,是电光的闪耀,是甜蜜的琼浆,是醉人的纯酒。祝国庆节快乐!

97、Wish: everything goes well and everything comes true!祝:万事大吉,心想事成!


99、like tobe the autumn harvest the fruits and laughter to you forever if blooming

100、celebrate national day celebrations throughout the nation! in this beautiful day, let me with the most sincere best wishes accompany you spend! chu: everything is, true, everything! happynational day!

101、Girls like flowers, and more broad-minded inclusion, in order to open up new possibilities and awaken the sleepymountain, the river changed its appearance. This is a beautiful motherland is where my growth.姑娘好像花儿一样,小伙儿心胸多宽广,为了开辟新天地,唤醒了沉睡的高山,让那河流改变了模样.这是丽的祖国,是我生长的地方。

102、Wish the national day seven days, happy hours every day, always happy. 祝愿国庆节七天,天天快快乐乐小时,时时开开心心分。


104、wish you good luck and good luck. 愿你吉星高照,好运常伴。

105、And to the National Day, on the whole country celebrating this day, I hope

第2篇: 国庆节中英文祝福语127句

64、May National Day bring you happiness and safety.

65、Autumn years, the harvest season, I wish the most sincere smile with you, deeply

66、 May your family be happy and happy! 愿你家庭满,快乐无限!

67、May you always be happy and healthy, every day is a new blessing, wish you a happy National Day! 愿你永远幸福安康,每天都是新的祝福,祝你国庆节喜气洋洋!


69、Joyfully celebrate prosperous country, crossing the festival let home beauty, wish you happy every day happy, everything is all the happiness! 欢国庆祝国富民强,渡佳节愿家美人乐,祝愿您天天开心快乐,事事幸福如意!

70、◆lost,very missed. in this long national day holiday,often recalled coexistence years. time to find some locations,bring blessings to a very experience!好久不见,十分想念。在这漫漫的国庆长假里,经常忆起共处的岁月。找点时间,约个地点,带上祝福,来个非常体验!

71、In the coming days of national day, send blessings in advance. Happy National Day! 在十一即将到来的日子里,提前送上祝福,国庆快乐!

72、This year"s National Day, you were elected as Happy Ambassador. During the holidays, please pay attention to the public image: only smile, no frown; only happy, no depression; only relaxed, no depression; only invitation, no debt! 今年国庆,你被选为开心大使,放假期间请注意公众形象:只许微笑,不许皱眉;只许开心,不许郁闷;只许轻松,不许压抑;只许请客,不许赖账!

73、you is my chocolate, I am your chocolate, ah you see more beautiful, you e, you can have a home, you have me, I e locations, bring blessings to a very experience!

74、let me with the most sincere blessings with you through.

75、The National Day is close, and the motherland is soaring. You kept me fairly well-off to tomorrow! 国庆国庆相亲相近,祖国腾飞人民奋进!你奔小康我来鼓劲,为了明天我们前进!

76、National Day will come, in this on a full blessing to you, wish you can feel relaxed and happy during the holiday, the family member, a lot of happiness.

77、new possibilities and awaken the sleepy mountain, the river changed its

78、◆autumn years,the harvest season,i wish the most sincere smile with you,deeply wishes you happy national day,cause brilliant touch down!! !金秋的岁月,丰收的季节,愿我最真诚的笑脸伴随你,深深的祝福你,国庆节快快乐乐,事业辉煌腾达!!!

79、There is a concern the uninvited; There is a tacit understanding.

80、像天空的繁星,灿烂美丽;像清晨的小花,清新绚丽。秋会把我的祝福带给你,愿幸福和快乐永远陪伴你,愿你好好享受国庆长假!As the sky stars, beautiful and splendid; As the early morning florets, fresh colors.

81、The sky fluttering drizzle, a concerned, sent to your remote. Hopefully pose a busy today.

82、Just off the beautiful Chang E,ushered in the birthday of the motherland。 I take this opportunity goes to you my heartfelt blessing:I wish you all the best and every success!

83、Went to the National Day holiday in the country to celebrate this day, I

84、may you be filled with good luck and good health a lifetime!

第3篇: 国庆节中英文祝福语127句

1、Bless the great motherland and become more prosperous. Bless the people of our motherland. Bless you, my pocket expands day by day, bless our lovers health and beauty. 祝福伟大的祖国更加强盛,祝福祖国的人民天天向上。祝福你我口袋日见膨胀,祝福我们的爱人健康漂亮。

2、forever! I wish a happy National Day!

3、I will be full blessing huang letter, on the occasion of National Day, send with the far-away place of you. I wish you a happy National Day, wishing, business is booming! 我将满满的祝福塞潢信里,在国庆节之际,寄与远方的你。祝你国庆节快乐,心想事成,事业蒸蒸日上!


5、great blessing more poe, you can have a home, you have me, I e!

6、Clouds are flying with the wind,happy one after another,happy and happy,happy and happy laugh,comfortable and high-spirited,11 long holidays come,happy National Day originally,text messages sent as scheduled,I wish you a happy National Day,indulgent and heroic.云儿悠悠随飞,快乐纷纷随心追,得意逍遥豪爽笑,舒心高远情发飙,十一长假到来,国庆开怀本来,短信如期寄来,祝你国庆愉快,纵情豪迈。

7、学习,使人向上;工作,使人充实;休闲,使人轻松;交际,使人开朗;友谊,使人开心;祝朋友国庆佳节:开开心心,每天好心情!Learning people up; pany you spend! Chu: everything is, true, everything! Happy National Day!

8、is a feeling worried about is, there is a miss is thinking. Sincerely wish you a

9、◆friends, the people across the country to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, ent. if you would like to be the autumn harvest the fruits and laughter to you forever if blooming flowers. ◇金秋是收获的季节,金秋是诱人的时刻。愿你收获永远如金秋的硕果,愿你欢笑永远如盛开的鲜花。

10、有国才有家,有家才有你,有你才有,祝亲爱的爸妈国庆快乐!身体健康! States have a home, you can have a home, you have me, I wish my dear parents happy National Day! Health!

11、May you be happy and safe. 愿你开心幸福,平安围绕。

12、wish you a good time to enjoy your life. 祝你玩的开心,吃的放心,过的舒心,总之一切顺心!

13、Wish you a happy National Day! 愿你,放飞梦想,国庆快乐!


15、Wish the national day seven days, happy hours every day, always happy. 祝愿国庆节七天,天天快快乐乐小时,时时开开心心分。

16、greatblessingmorepowerfulandprosperousmotherland,thepeople ofthemotherland

17、will fill the letter with full blessing, and send you with you far away on the national day. I wish you a happy National Day. 我将满满的祝福塞在信里,在国庆节之际,寄与远方的您。祝您国庆节快乐,心想事成,事业蒸蒸日上!


19、the motherland, you like a rising sun, auspicious light shines the earth, the National peoples A fighting spirit soars aloft. like a statue of the motherland; your splendid statue continues down to the earth, the people of all ethnic groups in the country, you are bursting with happiness; like a flying dragon, standing on the world, the people of the world in high esteem! Motherland, I am proud of you; mother, I am proud of you!

20、and Hi. Bless you in this era of peace and happiness, happy holidays!

21、Different nationalities,with a motherland. Mother"s birthday,with happiness.