Today is Tuesday on December 16,I’m going to go to school.  
Get out of bed:  
Now is 7 o"clock in the morning , mother should have been got out of bed by me  
Mrs.Meng:“Get out of bed , should have been at school beloved , quick!”  
Chaizheming:“Have known the right now will.”  
After getting out of bed:  
After getting out of bed, I should wash face having brushed the teeth  
Chaizheming :“I see, beloved mother regards in the morning .”  
Mrs.Meng: “I see, beloved regards in the morning.”  
Mrs.Meng:“Wash face beloved , quick brushing the teeth.”  
Chaizheming :“I wash face in course of brushing the teeth.”  
Eat breakfast:  
Everything be in progress is over , I should use a morning  
Mrs.Meng: “What would you like for breakfast ? ”  
Chaizheming:“I want to eat a few beef noodles.”  
Mrs.Meng:“The good right now is easy to Hold on , please.”  
Chaizheming:“I see, very delicious, the mother workmanship That good!”