Today, in order to celebrate International Children"s Day, the campus held a commendation meeting for excellent classes and three good students.   I am honored to be elected as a three good student. When my name was called on the radio, my heart was very excited. Looking at the "certificate of merit" in my hand, I thought to myself: I must study hard, be a good helper for teachers and a good example for students.

  Later, we took part in happy garden activities. Watching everyone happy in the park, I thought of the children in the welfare home my mother said. I really want to spend International Children"s Day with them with gifts and pass on happiness to them.

  I want to make my own festival both happy and meaningful.


  Today, I got up early and ran outside to see if it rained. Because I have two programs selected to participate in the show. The school said it would cancel the performance if it rained. But it"s raining outside. I sighed and said, "I can"t perform again."   After a while, my mother brought me good news: "the performance will continue, and the place will be changed to the ladder classroom."

  I cheered and asked my mother to send me to school. Then put on my beautiful makeup and put on my costume.

  When the performance began, I was very nervous. As soon as I walked on the stage, I slowly relaxed. He tried his best to play the piano. After the performance, I was pulled aside by my mother to change my clothes.

  Singing began. I sang in the most beautiful voice. When I finished singing, my mother said, "you performed very well, very well!"


  Today is International Children"s Day. I am very happy. In the morning, with the first ray of sunshine, International Children"s Day began. Along the way, the grass waved to us, the flowers smiled at us, and the big tree shook its green leaves in the strong wind. It wanted to say, "happy International Children"s Day, happy International Children"s Day." It was sunny and breezy all the way. At school, bursts of clear and powerful reading sound floated from afar and passed into my ears. With smiling faces, the students came from the school gate to the teaching building. It was a vibrant scene.   In the afternoon, the school carried out the activity of buying and selling books, and let the students exchange or buy and sell the books they have read. After a while, two students came to my book and read it. I said excitedly, "do you want to buy it?" they bought a book and sent a sticker. So they bought a book. I was very happy because this was the first time I made money. Then, students came to me to buy books. When there was no one, I was not idle. I also went to my classmate"s shop to buy some books and sold them at a relatively high price, In this way, I made a little money. In this way, I bought it all the time. After school, I sold all the books at a super low price, so I went home happily.

  This is really a happy and interesting International Children"s Day.


  The flowers in June are fragrant, the sunshine in June is bright, and the songs of International Children"s Day are sung everywhere... On June 1, my parents and I sang songs and came to DanJin park.   We came to a green grass and began to take photos. Mom sat on a stone chair, dad picked up the camera, "click", and mom"s bright smile was photographed. Of course, the next player is Qi Menghan! Ha ha ha! When I take pictures, it"s unusual! I hold bamboo in both hands and put my hands on my chest in various shapes. I really look like a little model. I also became a little photographer! I designed shapes for my mother and father, and my father praised me as a great little photographer. Our laughter floated on the grass.

  International Children"s Day brings me happiness!